5 New TipsforSAVINGS (1)

Ready for 5 more ways to save money?

  1. Save gift bags, bows, and tissue paper. After you receive a gift, if the bag and tissue paper are in good condition, fold them all up and save it!  Use it the next time you need to wrap a gift.  Gift bags are expensive and can really add up.  This Christmas I did not have to buy any gift bags or tissue paper.  I’m sure this saved me somewhere around $30 to $40!
  2. Buy your Christmas wrapping paper after Christmas. Then how are you supposed to wrap all your gifts?  Buy it after Christmas for the next year.  Most stores in the weeks after Christmas will put their Christmas gift-wrap and bows on sale for 75% – 90% off. Plus if you go to a craft store, like Michael’s or Joann’s, you can also use a coupon to save even more!  I usually don’t pay more than $1 for a big roll of wrapping paper. This saves us around $10 a year.
  3. Make your own cards. I have never bought a card for someone.  I always make them.  Buy a pack of cardstock and some stickers from a craft store (and use a coupon) or garage sale (you can find some great crafting supplies at yard sales) and for the price of one card you can literally make dozens.  You can even buy a package of blank card stock cards that come with envelopes at the craft store so all you have to do is decorate to front.  There are so many cute ideas and creative ways to decorate them.  Check out pinterest for some awesome ideas.  We have a huge family so I would guess this saves us around $75 a year.
  4. Save your condiments. Next time you stop at the drive through and they give you ten packets of ketchup but you only use two, SAVE THEM!  They just gave you 8 free packets of ketchup!  Those packets are perfect to pack in your spouse’s lunch or for picnics or for days you just don’t feel like going to the store!  I save everything.  Soy Sauce, Ketchup, mustard, Mayo, you name it.  This is not a huge money saver and would definitely depend on how frequently you dine out but it can save you somewhere around $1 – $5 a year.
  5. Save your napkins.  Next time you are at the drive through and they hand you 25 napkins but you only use 1, SAVE THEM!  They just gave you 24 free napkins.  I literally have not paid for a package of napkins our entire marriage.  I have a drawer where I keep extra napkins from eating out and it has always stayed stocked.  I also put them in my glove box for when you unexpectedly need a tissue or napkin for something.  Since I have never bought napkins, I’m not really sure how much this trick saves me but I would guess somewhere around $5 a year.


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