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Are you ready for five more ways to save money?  Good!  Because I love sharing them with you!  Today’s theme is based more on laundry than anything else.  I don’t know about you, but I do a TON of laundry.  Which in my mind translates to a BIG opportunity to save!  You can call me a nerd… it won’t hurt my feelings.

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The first one is easy and painless… just make sure you are washing your clothes on cold. That’s it.  (This one is hard to calculate because I have been doing it for so long but I would assume it probably saves around $10-$20 a year)


This one requires a little more work, but nonetheless can result it some pretty big savings. Hang dry your clothes.  For me, I don’t hang dry everything.  I do hang dry my sweaters and comforters, bigger blankets, and sleeping bags.  These are the things that really take the time in the dryer anyway.  And time equates money.  It is definitely easy to hang dry your clothes in the summer when it is hot outside which is when I mostly hang dry my clothes.  It is also a win-win in the summer because then your dryer isn’t heating up your house.  I bought a rack at Ikea that was under $20 to use.  If you have trees you could just hang a string between them.  You could get creative and use lawn furniture and your fence to lay clothes on too!  (This one is also hard to calculate but I would estimate somewhere around the same savings as number one.  There is an initial cost in investing in some kind of drying rack or line but I think the cost of those should be recouped within the first year.)


The third one is saving money on fabric softener. I will tell you two ways to save money on fabric softener. If you are a liquid fabric softener fan use the recipe listed at the bottom to make your own.  The great thing about this one is it uses conditioner so essentially you can make whatever scent you want!  Feeling exotic and wanting some coconut in your life?  Buy coconut conditioner!  Wanting something relaxing?  Buy lavender scented! When you make your own liquid softener it comes out to be about $0.01 a load.  I can handle that.  As for me, I prefer dryer sheets.  Now, let me fill you in on a secret.  The directions say to use two dryer sheets per load.  That is a bunch of hocus-pocus!  You only need to use one sheet per load.  We have VERY hard water where we live and I only use one sheet per load and my laundry comes out static free and soft too.  If it is a smaller load or a load of towels I just use half of a sheet and it does just great!  Give it a try.  I’m sure you won’t notice a difference.  As always, I coupon and deal search for my dryer sheets.  By using just one sheet per load it usually equates to just less than $0.01 per load.  (This will cut your softener bill in half.  For me this saves about $12.00 a year.)


If you have a front loader, you will want to read this! When we first got a front loader I was spending so much money on cleaning products!  Sprays and tablets only to have the smell return in a couple of days.  One day at the grocery store when I was buying get another packet of washing machine cleaner the cashier told me about a hack she had discovered.  She told me to try adding a tablespoon of baking soda to every load.  Baking soda is SO cheap so I thought, “why not?”  I did and have been amazed ever since.  IT WORKS WONDERS.  I have not used a cleaning tablet, powder, liquid, gel, etc… for over a year.  A big box of baking soda last us about 6 months and costs just under $2.50 to buy.  (This saves us around $30 a year!)

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We all get them!  Clothes are so expensive too!  I hate when I get a stain on a shirt I love.  Here are my two go toos for stain removal and they are both SO inexpensive.  The first, if you have any kind of grease stain put DAWN dish soap on it as soon as you can.  Rub it in with your finger really well, wash it, and be amazed that you didn’t ruin yet another shirt!  For all other stains I use a combination of the baking soda mentioned above and Fels-Naptha.  You can buy Fels-Naptha at any grocery store on the laundry aisle.  It is usually around $1.00 to purchase.  I bought my bar two years ago and I have not even used ¼ of it.  I get the article of clothing wet where the stain is located.  Rub the bar of Fels-naptha over it until it gets sudsy then I add some baking soda to the concoction.  I then use an old toothbrush and scrub the stain with the two ingredients.  Most of the time you can see the stain come out as you scrub.  Wash the article of clothing and check it before you dry it.  If the stain is not completely gone, repeat the process again.  I have very rarely not had a stain come out after two attempts.  This gives a stain removal all years for literally pennies.  If I had to put a cost on it I would say $0.20 a year.  Not to mention how much we save on not having to buy new clothes because of stains.  Especially for our daughter who seems to stain her shirts just drinking water.

By using these simple laundry hacks we save somewhere between $60-$80 a year.

I believe saving money is a mind set.  If we have savings at the forefront of our minds, it will be a priority.  I know this list doesn’t even save $100 a year, but if we are thinking about savings from this perspective, it can really add up!


Liquid Fabric Softener

3 cups hot water

1 cup conditioner (any brand)

1 cup vinegar

Combine and store.  Use 2 TBSP per full load.