About Fruitland Home

Welcome to Fruitland Home!

In 2011, I went from being an independent, professional young adult with a healthy disposable income to a wife and mother of two.

My new little family had just gone through the most difficult trial of their lives and were learning how to be a little family of three. My husband was raising two young children while pulling himself out of a divorce. My new babies’ mother had moved out of their home and had chosen an alternative lifestyle.

And here I was, a twenty-seven year old from a traditional family now the wife and mother in a non-traditional family. (Visualize my mental capacities walking out the front door.)

My original blog, Misses Miscellany, grew out of my need to find real women dealing with real lives. Difficult, fun, overwhelming, full of blessings. I needed to find someone to relate to, someone attempting to balance life, home, and family while maintaining their mental health.

What I found was dozens and dozens of women looking for the same thing.

When you visit here I hope you find empathy, empowerment, confidence, the ability to own your story, and the power to BE YOU!

While I continue to work on reaching outside of my comfort zone and keep building our community I hope you’ll be there. And, I hope you’ll share your story.

Please send posts about life, family, relationships, food, how-to’s, hobbies, etc. I’d love to hear from you. I need you. And I bet there are others who do, too.

All my love,

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