Are you looking for something to do for Halloween? Single, married, or have kids this one will work for you. Maybe your kids are just a little too small or a little too big for traditional Trick or Treating. Maybe you’re going to a Trunk or Treat on the weekend and will have time to spare on the actual spooky night. Try this!

Backwards Trick or Treating

I would dare bet that nearby you’ve got elderly neighbors, widows or widowers, a senior center, grandparents, or others you know could use a visit. It doesn’t have to be anyone you know well because Trick or Treating isn’t just for friends. How about taking them a little treat on Halloween?

When I was young this was our family tradition and as the kids, we really lucked out!

As an adult, I can see that these visits were more meaningful than the special treats we collected as kids. I’ve been able to learn while visiting and being visited, that reaching out to an individual builds and buoys both sides. You can’t not feel better after making fun, surprise visits to someone who never expected you. And, you can’t not feel better by being the recipient of a happy, surprise visit.

These visits and treats can be as quick and easy as you want!

Here are a few ideas:
•A plate of homemade cookies
•A bowl of soup
•A bottle of soda
•A jar of jam
•A pint of ice cream
•A king-sized candy bar
•A homemade card

Just stop at the door, no need to go in. You are Trick or Treating, of course. Wish them a happy Halloween and be on your way! This would be a fun girls’ night out, group or regular date, youth activity, family activity, or just go by yourself. The kids will have fun showing off their costumes and getting a little attention and the person you visit will have a Halloween to remember.

In addition to the good treats my parents provided (since we skipped the Trick or Treating), some of our visits had prepared for us and their homemade treats left us with way more than we would have ever collected going door to door for a piece of candy at a time.

After our visits, my parents would take us out for pizza and soda. Everyone likes to remind me of a man dressed as a clown who tried to talk to me and I screamed in his face. He tried to apologize and kept talking and I just kept screaming. I still feel the same way about grown-ups in costumes. It’s just not right.

“I love remembering Halloween. I love that we were together. I’m glad we knew the old people and grew up by our grandparents.” – Wendy

“It was fun to show people our costumes who liked them. They’d give us treats sometimes. We’d get to eat pizza. Sometimes they made us sing.” – Anne