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There are nearly one million results when you search “editing tips for bloggers” on Google. One million! I started at the top and went through a few dozen articles that had nice bullet-pointed lists that were easy to read. After publishing over three hundred posts on Misses Miscellany, I’ve seen a few (and made even more) mistakes.

We are all human. Let’s get that out in the open right now. Next, Misses Miscellany is about real women in the real world telling real stories. This is not a community of professional writers. That said, let’s look at five editing tips I found in the majority of the articles I read.

  1. Don’t edit while you’re writing – Once you get going, keep moving forward. Don’t make big editing decisions during the writing process. You’ll lose focus, burn out, and waste time.
  2. Let your post rest before editing – While the writing is fresh in your mind, it’s going to be difficult to be objective and determine what really needs to be edit and what is great the way it is. Leave it, work on something else, and come back to begin the editing.
  3. Make sure you’re focused on the big picture – Cut out what isn’t relevant to the main idea of your post (and cut anything repetitive). Add what readers might need to really understand. Check out the order of paragraphs. Focus on these “big picture” edits before getting into the nitty-gritty.
  4. Spell check AND proof read – Spell-check is not a fail-proof method for examining your writing for errors. Proofreading is necessary to find missing words and look for consistency. {example: E-book, ebook, eBook} Two things that may help you edit are printing it out and reading it out loud.
  5. Don’t be a perfectionist – The great news about blogging is that nothing is ever final! If you publish a post and see an error, you can fix it! So, don’t spend too much time dissecting your writing before publishing.

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