I may be a picky eater but I love eating out. There are a few places I love up and down the Wasatch Front that I’ll never get tired of. If I wasn’t a picky eater, I’m not sure I could have chosen just a few restaurants to tell you about. But here they are from Cache to Salt Lake County, my favorites!

Cache County – Blue Bird Cafe

An oldy, but a goody. Blue Bird is right on Main Street in Logan in it’s original location. In the front, you can enjoy the soda shop style treats or buy chocolates from the case. Take a table and enjoy their great selection of homemade goodness. The rolls. Mmmm. I’ve tried lots of things here but it’s the atmosphere and tradition that I go back for.

Box Elder – Pizza Plus Cheese Bread

I discovered this while working in Hyrum, Utah while I was in college. A roommate showed me a location, in Smithfield, a little closer to our apartment. And, on one of our first dates, my husband had it delivered in Tremonton. Now, I beg him to drive me back up there just for the cheese bread!  Sometimes we get it with bacon and I love that, too. The pizza isn’t my favorite but I don’t need it. Just give me the cheese bread!

Weber County – Bella’s Mama’s Enchiladas

Just off the freeway in Farr West, Utah. I am a picky eater and this restaurant put me to the test. It wasn’t until I ate at Bella’s with a friend who had served there that I found a new true love. The Mama’s. It’s a white sauce chicken enchilada that I could eat every day! It comes with shredded chicken but I like to order it with grilled chicken. Spread the rice over the top and gobble them up! No beans for me, please. I’ve heard good things about their fajitas and they make guacamole at the table. Their chips and salsa are yummy, too!

Davis County – Joy Luck’s Sweet and Sour Chicken

Chinese food has really grown on me mostly because of how much I like Joy Luck. It’s tucked away off of 5th West in Bountiful. Now that I don’t work in Davis County, this has become an even more special treat. Weber County is lacking in good Chinese food so this one still holds the top spot for me. It’s a great location for meeting friends from Salt Lake for lunch or having an impromptu girls night. Love it!

Salt Lake County – The Garage

This was a hard choice. I have a favorite restaurant right in the middle of downtown Salt Lake but I really enjoyed dinner at The Garage. It’s a bar so be prepared with your ID. They have great burgers, funeral potatoes, spicy funeral potatoes, yummy appetizers, and of course, great salad. That’s what I had. Eat out on the patio and enjoy live music. It feels like your hanging out in your friend’s backyard. You can even bring your dog! The Garage is a fun double date place on HWY-89 in North Salt Lake.