wished for a goat

This is the year. I was not going to let 2017 pass without adding a baby goat to our family. Fruitland Home is the perfect place for a little guy to jump and play, make doggy friends, and live happily ever after. There’s a lot to learn about how to raise a bottle-fed goat. I studied and prepared until I found one to adopt. Once I talked to the breeder, we made plans for me to pick my new baby up the following afternoon. I got two bibs to prepare for either a boy or a girl.

bibs for the goats

And, I made a birth announcement.

goat birth announcement

I was ready. After my preparations, I shut down my computer and got ready for work.

Here is where we discover a kink in the plan.

I had just finished the last round of fertility drugs I wanted to use. Over the last several years I had seen, what seems like a million, failed ovulation and pregnancy tests. I had never seen a positive anything. Before closing the “trying” chapter of my life, I took one last pregnancy test.

And, subsequently, four more home pregnancy tests.

And, eight HCG blood tests.

Then, a couple ultrasounds.

Very unbelievable.

Right when I was finally going to get a goat, I was finally, finally going to get a baby.

The Farm Boy bib is now obsolete. Baby girl is expected the first of November. Very unbelievable.

Now, I would like to formally apologize for my absence here for the last few months. I’ve been beside myself, unable to manage even small tasks or thoughts. I have lots of great posts in my inbox from our fabulous contributors. You’ll see them all soon. I love Fruitland Home and have no desire to lose the community we’ve built here. Please forgive my neglect. I’m going to try my best to get things back on track here.

Please accept the following three videos as a sign of my sincere regret and remorse.

Goats playing in the yard

Goats having a pajama party

Goat jumps off another goat

See you soon!