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Originally published 11/26/16

Last Sunday, I attended a church meeting with my daughter, niece, and sisters. My niece’s little hands shook and fidgeted because she had something to share but hadn’t gathered the courage to say it. She made her funny little eyes at me and I said, “If you feel it, share it.” My niece replied, “I’m too little and small.” I told her that truth, gratitude, and happiness has nothing to do with age or size and she should take the chance to share her goodness with others. And so she did.

On our travel home, my niece saw two soldiers and said she wished she could go tell them thank you for being brave. Again she said, “I’m too little and small.” Gratitude is never insignificant.

We’ve made it through an uncomfortable season, as a country. Let’s do what we do best and share goodness with our community of readers and friends. Our own gratitude and joy will grow as we try to spread it with every opportunity.

Will you submit a post about what you are grateful for this holiday season? Write about one thing, a list of things, a memory, etc., but make sure to send it in. The more we share, the more we have.

My friend designed a great holiday printable that I will send to anyone who submits a post or uses the hashtag #gratefulmisses on Instagram.Let’s fill our social media feeds with gratitude!

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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