My sister-in-law, Lilia, was raised in Puerto Rico. Her mother, brother, twin sister and nieces still live there in the city of Cidra, right in the path of Hurricane Maria.

Right now, Lilia is wrestling with many unknowns. While you’re waiting for answers to the unknowns, your mind can fill up with all the things you do know. Lilia knows:

-What it’s like to live through a hurricane, having no safe place to go with two small children, and wondering each moment how much longer the windows and doors will hold up.

-That Hurricane Maria was really, really bad. So bad that – nearly a week later – she can’t reach her family and find out how they are and what they need. She knows they won’t have electricity for months – how will they get in touch with each other? She can’t even find information on the city her family lives in – just general information about how Puerto Rico has been affected overall.

-That adequate help takes time. Aid first reaches the people who are easiest to reach, or who can get to the help first. Meanwhile there are people behind broken roads and other barriers who have to wait while their needs become more severe.

-That the main road between her family and help is impassable.

-That there are conditions that might make the situation harder for her family. Her sister is a renter – will that complicate her situation, if her house has been damaged? Did her sister get a chance to stock up on more water like Lilia begged her to do? Do they have enough cash to get by? How will they charge her phones and get in touch so that she can help them, when they have no electricity? And the million other questions that go through her mind while she waits for news.

While we wait for answers, we’re asking ourselves what we can do to help Puerto Rico, and we give you the same challenge. What can you do to help the mothers and brothers and sisters and nieces and families in need?

We’re encouraging people to donate to Unidos Por Puerto Rico (until we can get more localized help for Cidra, Lilia’s hometown).

Thanks for your love, support and prayers!