How do you make reading apart of your routine?

I feel like my reading is really inconsistent. I read a bunch of books and can’t get enough. Then, months pass by and I don’t read a thing. I love to read. There are some books I would love to read again but I never do because there are so many I’ve never read and want to. It’s a terrible cycle.

During a job interview, the last question they asked me was what the last book was that I had finished reading just for fun, not work or school. What’s your answer?


Last week, I finished Anne of Green Gables.


This week, I’m reading I Am Half-Sick of Shadows.

There are three other books on my Kindle, patiently waiting their turn. Just because they’re on deck doesn’t mean I’ll read them next. They just caught my eye the last time I scrolled through all my choices.

Night Stand

I’m working myself up to read Victim: The Other Side of Murder, the local and true story about the hi-fi shop. And, a book that I should just finish already, but just visit periodically, is Eve and the Choice Made in Eden.

Am I the only sporadic reader? How do you make reading a habit?

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