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Just look at those eyes. Pleased as punch and so proud of himself. You wouldn’t know it but minutes before he was a ball of nerves, near tears. But, he gave his dad the nod to put him in the shoot on top of a big, woolly sheep. Three seconds later, he was on his bum in the dirt. The announcer pulled him up and held him in air while the crowd went wild. He did it! He was a mutton buster! He didn’t win but I still think he couldn’t have been happier with the medal around his neck.

Our fun loving boy was timid about physical activities. Shooting hoops, batting, playing in the water, riding scooters and bikes, and all the other wild things little boys love. But add a little commotion, like a team of other kids or water that was a little too deep, and he lost interest. He was just a little nervous that he couldn’t do something the best or that he may get hurt, so he just would rather not try.

The solution? A little mutton bustin’.

He fell right on his bum. And, he got right back up. And, best of all, it was fun!

The next day he went flying off of one of those spinning things at the playground that make everybody feel sick and look like a mom’s worst nightmare. The kids and grownups around all gasped and worried he was hurt. But, my boy jumped up and exclaimed, “It’s okay! I bust mutton!”

Since then, we’ve been able to recall his bravery at that rodeo stadium when the butterflies in his stomach rear their ugly faces. Now he swims, rides his two-wheel biked, and plays basketball just like he rode that dirty sheep!

I know there are things that I don’t try or I don’t give my best effort because I know I’m just going to bomb anyway.

I don’t usually consider setting new goals because I know my track record.

My expectations are pretty low when it comes to motivation and follow through.

I feel like knowing how I’ll try and fail, I would just be a fake while I tried.

This is pretty dismal, right?

While I was thinking all of this through, I scrolled through the pictures on my phone and found this screen shot from three years ago:

“God will take you as you are at this very moment and begin to work with you. All you need is a willing heart, a desire to believe, and trust in the Lord.”

And, as far as feeling like a fake…. This screenshot happened to be in my phone from three years ago, too!

If I take the time to sincerely read and trust these quotes, I can start to feel the motivation to try again. Just one goal. If I start today, not waiting for the “perfect time” to start (because that time doesn’t exist), maybe I’ll be able to do it! And, if I don’t stick with it how I hope I will, I can just try again!