Introduction to the Paymaster Money Management System

What Is Paymaster?

The PAYMASTER money managements system is a unique approach to solving an old problem – making ends meet without too much discomfort. This method is the result of years of experimentation and testing.

PAYMASTER was designed to meet one primary objective: to help you make the most of your paycheck. Your paycheck represents you! Many people spend years in school yet fail to learn what to do with their paycheck.

Ultimately, your success and happiness in life are directly affected by your ability to handle your finances. Wages, salary, and other income are economic rewards. They represent your financial lifeblood. You should seek them and use them in a way your values dictate.

What Do Living Standards Have to Do With It?

Many people fail to connect the relationship of their money and their living standards. And because of that, they have needless tension and frustration throughout their lives.

Many times the failure to recognize this fact takes the form of guilt, frustration, and anger.

Living standards should be established at a level that doesn’t exceed your ability to provide for them. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Yet most people who are frustrated with their finances ignore the responsibility they have for establishing living standards which are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

We aren’t saying that your personal preference or judgment isn’t important. In circumstances where you really understand the impact of the living standards you choose versus your income, it can be truly gratifying to gain control and improve your situation.

The PAYMASTER system helps you deal with this problem by helping you define your living standards. It will also help you to understand whether or not the living standards you have chosen are working for or against you.

You probably receive your income on a regular basis. You should have a blueprint or a pattern to manage your money on a regular, consistent basis. The PAYMASTER system will help you evaluate your situation and circumstances and establish the management plan properly.

How Is Paymaster Different From Traditional Budgeting?

A key part of this system is to establish a plan, carefully, and then to follow it. After you begin, you will control the use of your money according to your obligations.

This is different than traditional budgeting because you will direct the flow of money rather than just having a record of where your money has gone.

There is a principle behind this particular objective. The costs of the necessities of life: food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical care, insurance, etc. should be met in such a way to rarely. if ever. cause unnecessary worry or concern.

In simpler terms, if you need something, buy it. Or, if you owe someone, pay them what you owe them, when you agreed to. The PAYMASTER system will help you do this without needless frustration.

Should We Both Be Involved?

If you’re married both you and your spouse should participate in establishing a your system. Doing this eliminates a major stumbling block in achieving a happy marriage: misunderstandings or mismanagement of money.

Finances are the leading cause of stress in relationships. The PAYMASTER system really helps bridge this problem by helping partners to easily and clearly understand both sides of money management.

This is helpful, for example, in the case of a husband who turns over his paycheck to his wife. Then, with little regard or understanding of the details, he expects her to manage the money in a way that the well never runs dry.

Can I Get Out of Debt?

The PAYMASTER system includes the principle of avoiding consumer debt. If at all possible, the use of credit cards should and can be restricted as much as possible. Credit cards should be used for convenience or emergency use only.

It is not impossible! If you use credit to obtain items other than a home, an education, or a business investment, the PAYMASTER system will help you get out of debt over a period of time.

This principle identifies two more objectives. The first is to pay all debts promptly and fully, as agreed, without worry or stress about where the money coming from to make the payments.

The second is tied closely to the first. It is truly “the key” to financial independence. A percentage of your regular income should be set aside, or saved. Savings should take place whether or not its future use has been specifically identified.

What Can the Paymaster System Do For Me?

The PAYMASTER system can and will help you achieve these objectives in a simple and straightforward way. The tasks are easy to maintain with a minimum effort of time or materials.

Does Paymaster Really Work?

Last, but not least, most traditional budgets fail because of the requirement of continual analysis. Constant comparing of what was spent versus what was budgeted can be time consuming and frustrating. This usually results in the budget being scrapped.

The PAYMASTER system which you custom design to fit your own needs and lifestyle is be fully flexible. It is easily adaptable to your changing needs and circumstances.

The PAYMASTER system is unconditionally guaranteed to become a source of security and confidence. Spend the time just once to implement it properly and you will find that by following your simple plan you will become addicted to its simplicity and success.