I’ve used the Kindle app on my phone, on the iPad, and a Kindle Fire but there is a certain love I will always have for the original Paper White Kindle. Its simplicity and non-glare screen make it the perfect option for day-time, lunch breaks, and night-time reading.

This summer, I found Prime Reading on my Kindle while I browsed for a new book. If you have Amazon Prime, you need to check this out!

You can borrow up to ten books at a time, which is nice if you share your Amazon account with other readers. There are books, stories, magazines, comics, etc.

I love that if I start a book and don’t really like it, I can just return it without feeling like I have wasted anything. Sometimes I get recommendations for books and I just buy it which is super disappointing if it turns out not to be very good.

Here are five books I’ve read since discovering Prime Reading:

From Sand and Ash – Amy Harmon

This is a WWII novel about a Catholic family and a Jewish family who help each other. I like the unique story line of such an over-written era.

The Hangman’s Daughter – Oliver Potzsch

A little bit of a thriller and mystery based on the 1600’s. I liked the amount of characters and story lines because it kept the story moving and interesting.

The Bride Lottery – Kristin Holt

This one is a little gushy (but clean) Western romance from the 1800’s. If you don’t mind a Hallmark movie type book, this one is cute.

Accidentally Hers – Jamie Beck

Another love story which is also a bit predictable. I liked it but probably won’t look for any sequels.

The Forgotten Sister: Mary Bennet’s Pride and Prejudice – Jennifer Paynter

I’m a sucker for Pride and Prejudice. I’ve told you about another P&P alternative before so just add this to the list. It’s written from the middle sister’s perspective which added some interesting things to her character that I can think about while I watch my go-to Pride and Prejudice movie, even though the book and movie are not related.

Tell me about where you find new books and what you like to read! I’d love to check it out!