Life After Retirement.jpg

I retired from “official work” in September of 2013.  I had looked forward to this for several months, full of anticipation.  My manager and friends gave a wonderful send- off to me, a fun party with delicious food, co-workers I hadn’t seen in a while, family, gifts, warm and kind words of love and praise.  I received a letter of appreciation and thanks for twenty-five years of service from the Presidency and a poem from a beloved friend.  Both hang on different walls in my home and I see them every day.  It was a fantastic send-off…..everything I wanted and more!  AND…I was able to leave early and so started my retirement on a happy note.

I have a friend who retired a few years before I did.  When I asked her how it was going, she said that the first two years were great.  She was able to accomplish a few things she had wanted to do.  But since then, it had become boring.  I wondered if this would happen to me.  Recently, she asked me how I liked my retirement.  I told her I was still excited.  She said that I was still in the honeymoon stage and it would soon change.

I am quickly approaching the third anniversary of leaving “official work” and so far, my excitement has only increased. I am fairly busy.  Not so much that I don’t have plenty of down time if I want it. I am serving a service mission for my Church which I love.  I get to do the best part of my previous job, which is working with the associates without being concerned about budgets, production goals and staff meetings.  Also because of this mission, I get to see some old friends and work with them again.  In fulfilling my mission, I feel that I can use some of the skills I developed during my working years and help move the kingdom along.

I have also started a small..still very small…craft business.  I make wreaths.  All sorts for many seasons.  I love this!  I get quite excited and involved in making new creations.  I am having so much fun selling my wares at the Ogden Farmers’ Market this summer.  I haven’t made many sales so far, but am not, strangely, discouraged.  I find I am still excited to be creative and involved in the community in this manner.  I am preparing to take part in a huge Christmas Gift show in November, and working hard to make it happen.  I am constantly thinking of other ways to expand my creativity.

My fondest joy, though, comes in the fact that I have more time to spend with my husband, children and grandchildren.  I am able to respond positively to calls for help in driving kids to school, piano lessons, football practice and whatever else comes up.  I am very grateful for this.

The older I become, the more I love and appreciate my children.

I am active in my Church. I find great happiness and peace within my faith.

I strongly feel that there is still a full life ahead. I realize that I must be proactive and make conscious and positive choices.  I look forward to the future and anticipate many challenges and opportunities coming my way.  Chances to learn, to grow, to serve, to teach, to create.  I realize, mentally, that I am nearing the last years of my allotted time on earth but this doesn’t mean that all my work and fun are over.  Au contraire!!  I have much to offer. There is definitely more to come!

So…yes.  There IS life after retirement.  A good life, if I want one.  And I do!