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Here are five tips to help save you money.  These are things that most people don’t think of!  They might cause you a little extra work, but they are well worth it!

  • Wash baggies. If you used a gallon bag to store leftover rolls from last night’s dinner, WASH IT!  If you used a sandwich bag to store a couple of extra slices of an apple, WASH IT!  If you used any bag to store any food item that is not germ filled (such as meat products) then for heaven sakes, turn the bag inside out and wash it wish some hot water and soap.  Leave it out to air dry.  Fold it up and put it back in the box.  You will be amazed how much longer your box of baggies will last.  Not to mention, this can save you a lot of money.  Gallon baggies are usually around $0.15 a piece!  If you are washing one gallon bag a day, you are saving over $1.00 every week.  Which means you can be saving well over $52.00 a year.  Especially if you can keep rewashing the bags. .

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  • Use washcloths. Have a spill on your counter?  Use a washcloth.  Have a kid with a sticky icky messy face?  Use a washcloth.  You can buy a 20 pack of washcloths at Walmart for less than $5.  I separated mine.  The white ones I use for cleaning and the color ones I use on my daughter.  I rarely use a paper towel.  I can buy one roll of paper towels and that will always last at least a month.  That can add up to some big savings!  Not to mention saving the earth J  If you are using one less roll of paper towels every month  and you are buying the cheapest paper towels that cost around $1.00 a roll, you are saving at least $12.00 a year doing this.  Though, I have seen even bigger savings then this.


  • Freeze rotten bananas. Don’t you hate it when you just have one banana that is bad!  What can you do with one rotten banana?  That is not enough to make bread or pancakes or anything.  Peel it, stick in one of your reused baggies, and freeze it.  Once you have three or four bananas (whatever your recipe calls for) you can use them up.  I know this one is not a big money saver, but I think if you can live with the attitude of ‘waste not want not’ you can go a long way as far as saving money goes.  We do not throw away food.    And that saves us money.
  • Put water in your shampoo. Once you have used up your shampoo you should throw it away, right?    You should add a little bit of water.  2-3 tablespoons.  Slosh it around and let it sit in the shower until your next shower.  Next shower you will have at least one more use of shampoo!  We go through at least one bottle of shampoo a month.  So if I use the water trick, I can get a minimum of 12 more uses of shampoo a year which would equate to about half a bottle of shampoo.  This saves us around $2.00 a year.
  • Use one less square of toilet paper. Next time you go to the bathroom, try to use one less square of toilet paper.  I doubt you will even notice a difference but I promise your budget will!  Toilet paper can really add up.  Just by using one less square of toilet paper per bathroom trip you can be saving 7-8 squares of toilet paper a day; which is around 50 squares a week; 200 squares a month; 2400 squares a year.  Just imagine how fast those savings can add up!