“There’s enough time.”

That’s what I tell myself to justify my lack of preparation and the details I leave out of what I’m capable of doing. I won’t list the things that I think I’m leaving time for because it’s pretty much everything I have going on lately.

Have you ever been in the slump of not getting stuff done?

I feel guilty about what I’m not accomplishing and I worry I’m justifying bad behavior. Will I ever do better?

I think so.

If you’ve read Fruitland Home blog before, you know that I’m obviously going through a new season. I’m trying to learn balance and priorities rather than feel regret for what I think I could have done better. I’ve taken a little break from the blog because I had some big things, in real life, going on that needed my attention.

Maybe you saw my post about my flop of a Back to School Dinner. It wasn’t the day or time to try to throw that event together. But, I learned a few things about what I could have done differently. Or, I could just realize this school year was just a lot trickier to get going and having dinner together was good enough.

As a newly married person, I had to overcome big feelings of guilt for how I was spending my time. I just couldn’t fit everything into my schedule. Spending two or three nights volunteering at church or in the community wasn’t realistic as an instant mom of two young children with a husband working swing-shift. My mom helped me realize that I was in a new “season” of my life. She said I should be grateful for the time I had to do all the things I did in my last “season” but not compare it to this new one. She found, in her own life, that even as a wife and mom the seasons change and you find opportunities to be in different places doing different things.

Season of Living at Home

Season of Being a Young Adult

Season of My New Family

Season of Growing Together

Season of Adding a Baby

They’ve all been good seasons. Just like the weather, they were all unpredictable and never happened on my own time table. And, I can’t name the next season because that’s not how life works. But, I can welcome it rather than compare it the past.

What’s been your most memorable season? I’d love to hear about it!