Hopefully, all of the winter weather will let us be. It’s time to look forward to good weather and fresh air! While you’re opening windows, airing out the house, and doing your spring cleaning, don’t forget your finances could use a little sprucing up, too! Here are Fruitland Home’s best posts on saving and spending:

5 Tips to Save Money at Home

Easy things you can do at home to save money on products you are always using.

5 Products to DIY

Five things that are ridiculously easy to make, will you save you money, and better for you and your family!

3 Secrets to Control Holiday Spending

Alleviate some of the pressure and stress of the holiday season with these great tips.

5 Ways to Cut Food Waste in Half

Minimize food waste to save money and to be more conscious of your environmental footprint.

4 Apps for Easy Couponing

Favorite apps to save the most.

Life Changing – Budget Saving

There’s no magic solution but for sure start with a little discipline and a revolving savings account.

5 More Tips for Savings

More ways to save money on products you use all the time!

5 Ways to Save on Laundry

We all do a lot of laundry, making it a big opportunity for savings!

You Want Me to What?! Track Your Expenses

“Measure twice, cut once.” If you aren’t sure where to cut, your results aren’t going to add up.

5 Ways Living Standards Make or Break the Bank

Regardless of the method you use to manage your finances there are five principles that determine the success or failure in the outcome of how you handle your money.

4 Simple Principles for Simple Finances

There are simple principles that apply to everyone because the principles of savings and spending don’t change.


PAYMASTER is a money management system with a unique approach to help you make the most of your paycheck. Proving successful for over 30 years, PAYMASTER will become a source of security and confidence and you will become addicted to its simplicity and success!  PAYMASTER was originally published in 1983 by Larry Hansen. An updated version will be available from Fruitland Home Spring 2017.

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