This trick has saved me so much time! I only recently started doing it, but I wish I would have started doing it sooner.

Are you ready for the trick?!

When making something for dinner, if the meal you are making can be frozen, double your recipe and freeze one. Then you have a meal all ready for another night!

Most of the work of cooking is shopping for the ingredients, prepping, and clean up. By doubling your recipe you only have to do those items once.

Recipes I always double:

-Homemade spaghetti sauce
-Soups that are not potato or cream based such as chili
-Pizza dough (Let it rise, then punch down and put into a ball. Place on waxed paper in freezer. Once frozen place in a gallon baggie. To use just place in fridge the night before, once thawed use as usual.)

Just be sure to label things so you know what that are!