That’s what my new pajamas say on the top. In my life of first world problems, I “needed” these overpriced pajamas covered in cat heads that have little gold ears. After getting through a day of first world issues I feel called to the pajama drawer. I guess I’m the troubled girl who thinks if you’re dressed in comfy clothes you can be comfortable figuring everything else out.


But, even in my sweat pants, change is hard. Endurance is painful. Seeing the big picture, and more importantly remembering there is hope in the big picture blurs my vision. Can I tell you what I have learned recently?

  1. Procrastination, apparently, is a road to no where.
  2. Setting little goals with close deadlines can help.
  3. Spending a few minutes now saves time and trouble later.

I’m sure most of you already get it but here I am, finally catching on.

Misses Miscellany‘s web page is slowly being updated. I love to work on it but I work best in doses. Or, I get distracted easily so it’s better to plan to work for short time periods. That way, I’m successful.

Taking what my big picture {a year or more} and breaking it down has been incredibly helpful. Once you map out where you’re going you know that each step you take is getting you closer to your destination. I’m grateful for people who share their talents and knowledge to teach people like me how to put work and hope together.

Because I’ve had a chance to see the benefits of taking a few minutes at a time to work on my to-do list, I thought, if you’re struggling getting through little tasks or big projects I’d share an easy way to get to it. Don’t procrastinate. Write a step-by-step to-do list breaking down your obligations and set little deadlines on little goals. Spend a few minutes. Start knocking things off your list that weigh you down. It’s going to feel good when you see how much you can cross off, even in your comfy pants!