If the shoe fits…

I have a confession.  I love personality tests.  Call me ego-centric, but I love a good magazine quiz.  What kind of shoe are you?  If you marked mostly A’s, you might be a Stiletto; mostly B’s, Mary Jane; or mostly C’s, Oxford.  When you come across a quiz like this, don’t you pity the Oxfords?  Don’t you try with all your might to answer the quiz with as many sexy and stylish A’s as possible?

For your self-indulgent pleasure, I’ve rounded up a random list of eight personality tests from the scientific to the silly, with my own personal, subjective rating of each one.  Beware that not every personality test listed here has a free option.

Parting caveats:

Use your personality prowess for good, not evil.  Deeper understanding of others can make you a better friend, family member, spouse, employee, neighbor, etc.  A great temptation is to misuse that gift to manipulate or hurt others.  Red personalities, I’m talking to you (that’s a little joke from the Color Code).  According to the “Which Superhero are You? Quiz” (25-50 points = Spiderman), with great power comes great responsibility.  Please use your personality prowess responsibly.

Beware of labels.  As fun and educational as personality tests can be, I don’t believe any single human on earth perfectly conforms to any one personality type.  I believe people have the ability to adapt and change, which is an important part of the journey of life – maybe even the whole point of life – so be careful not to label yourself or others by some arbitrary system you came across on the internet.

Have fun!  In my opinion, a good personality quiz is a fun way to ponder the uniquely-you talents and characteristics that bring joy to you and those who are lucky enough to associate with you.  Have fun discovering positive insights about yourself and thinking of ways to share your best qualities with the world around you.

What do you think of personality tests?  Have you come across any fun insights from learning more about what makes you tick?