The most common thing I hear from contributors is, “I don’t know what to write about.” It seems like we have a built in fear that our story isn’t worth sharing. I am here to tell you that it is!

This blog grew out of my need to find real women dealing with real lives. Difficult, fun, overwhelming, full of blessings. I needed to find someone to relate to, someone attempting to balance life, home, and family while maintaining their mental health.

What I found was dozens and dozens of women looking for the same thing.

Worry less about how you compare to anyone around you. Own your own story and find the power to BE YOU, NOT HER!

While I continue building this community of women who share empathy, empowerment, and confidence, I hope you’ll share your story. I need you and I be there are others who do, too.

Posts can range from the humorous to the emotional. The turmoil to the DIY how-to’s (which for me can be the same thing). Share posts about your life, family, relationships, hobbies, food, anything! I could list a million topics or you could go to Google or Pinterest and find them. But here’s a little formula to help you come up with some of your own:

Take an event, a hobby, something you love, a regular thing you do and brainstorm 5 ideas from there.


Driving in the Car

  1. 3 Things I always Have in the Car
  2. How To Improve Gas Mileage While Chauffeuring Your Kids
  3. My Top 3 Pandora Playlists
  4. The Perfect Podcast for Your Commute
  5. Conversation Starters for Riding With a New Friend (co-worker, date, kids’ friends, etc.)

I Love Eating Out

  1. I’m Not Ashamed of My McDonald’s Breakfast
  2. The Best Copy-Cat Recipe
  3. Where to Eat With a Group
  4. Why I Like to Eat Out Alone
  5. The Restaurants With the Best Kids’ Menu

Chalk Art

  1. The Best (and FREE) Handwriting Tutorials Online
  2. How To Make and Install Your Own Chalkboard
  3. 5 Secrets to Making Your Chalk Art Look Professional
  4. Chalk Art for Beginners – Start With These Products
  5. How To Clean or Repair Your Chalk Board

New President in the White House

  1. How I Teach Tolerance to My Kids
  2. The First Inauguration I Remember
  3. 5 Traits I Look for In a Leader
  4. If I Were President for a Day…
  5. Did Every President Own a Dog?

Now, choose one and get to work!

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