Poetry really isn’t my type of literature. If it’s not Shel Silverstein, I’m lost. But, I have a beautiful framed painting with a poem the artist wrote. I’ll tell you why I love it.

I love that it’s so very visual. I can imagine I’m the one being spoken to. And, I can see actual memories of times when each line has been a real part of my life.

I love that it’s called Walk With Me. I want to be better and stronger, spiritually, but I can’t accomplish everything now. Just like I can’t run a marathon tomorrow, I can go on a walk today. I can take these steps that are described just one at a time.

I love that it is spoken in first person. It gives such depth to my belief that the Savior is a real, and loving, person. I believe these are really things he would want to say to me and would really want me to do.

I can imagine having solemn moments sharing my deepest feelings, fears, and heartache with the Savior and I can imagine that, just as easily, I could sing or laugh with him.

Because of him, I can learn who I am and I can know who I really am.

He is the source of all the goodness and blessings in my life.

WALK WITH ME (1).png