Last week, my husband chose my outfits every day. I asked him to do it hoping to turn his work into a blog post. He was very cooperative and set my clothes out every night. I have to admit that sometimes it was difficult to not do a little coaching. And, other times it was so funny when he showed me the outfits he had considered. I’m glad he went with his gut and changed his mind on a couple.

Before I go on, I must say that Jake is the source of almost all my clothing and all of my shoes. He tries hard to choose me things I would like or that remind him of me. I think, partly, he shops for me because he thinks it’s torture to shop with me.

Here’s what we both learned this week:



  • Although I never would have put this together myself, I got lots of compliments and questions about why I was so dressed up.
  • I was worried kicking this week off because I’m still trying to hide the new shape my post-baby body is sporting and have to post pictures of myself.



  • I don’t know why I ever think to just wear any top with my black pants. I hadn’t worn the pants post-baby so I was worried about the fit and comfort but it turned out great. So, that was a plus.
  • Since Jake was picking out my clothes, I decided the least I could contribute was to make sure my hair and makeup was done each day.



  • Wednesday is my day off so Jake went casual. Again, this outfit it was nice because it boosted my self-esteem to have to wear something and just go with it. I learned I’ve really been hiding behind lots of baggy clothes so this outfit was scary but it really was fine.



  • I had a fun, colorful outfit on Thursday. Jake did a great job matching the top and skirt. I had never put them together before because I usually think of this as a summer shirt so it’s a new combination.



  • Friday was my favorite outfit of the week. It was a little fall-themed, but still cute. This was the day I laughed about what he had almost chosen – a dark purple sweater to go over this dress. Yikes.
  • He didn’t buy me this dress but I learned it’s one of his favorites. I didn’t know he had any opinions about my clothes so that’s funny.



  • The top is sticking to me in the picture because I snuck and wore a sweater over my outfit at work because it was cold.
  • I would have picked a black undershirt but I refrained from coaching and wore the white one Jake chose. I also just had to take this skirt, when I would have chosen the longer black skirt.



  • Sunday was a good day to finish off because while Jake tried to find a blouse to match the skirt he asked, “Was this project just to get my sympathy because you don’t have anything?” Was it? We’ll never know…
  • He didn’t love the white sweater over top and was funny about how the black shirt is only meant to be an undershirt.


  • It was stressful.
  • I had to resist the urge to dress you like a clown.
  • I found out you need more basics that can go with all your outfits.
  • Boys don’t wear outfits, they drive outfits. “What kind of outfit you driving these days?”