On work days, I spend more of my awake time at work than I do at home. Therefore, I find it of the upmost importance to keep a few essentials in/on my desk.

Because all of the desk furniture, walls, and floors are gray the most important thing I look for in desk essentials is color. Cuteness and color. My sisters have actually facilitated much of my desk cuteness. The cutest part of my desk are my kids pictures. Their smiles make every work day significantly better.

  • A mug for change and favorite pens to keep them hidden in my cupboard.
  • Snacks and chocolate for when your break gets delayed (the coins in my mug buy cold Diet Coke). I don’t love the crackers but the peanut butter has a little protein to hold me over and salt to boost my blood pressure.
  • Ibuprofen, Sudafed, chapstick, lotion, and a go-to lipstick. Throw it in a mini first-aid kit with a hair clip, hair elastic, bobby-pins, and a couple feminine hygiene products.
  • Fun magnets to hold up boring work papers. My cat bum magnets make people smile, especially me.

  • I love the light sign on my desk. I turn it on every morning. Holiday greetings, reminders, or my goal is more fun to see lit up this way.

  • I love to add color to whatever regular supplies I have. Binder cover, planner, iPad case, etc. My boss even got me a pink stapler, tape dispenser, and scissors because he knew I like color.

Gather your provisions, label and hide them as necessary, and you’ll never have to be hangry at work again!

What are your must-haves for work? Comment and I’ll send one of you my favorite thing!